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A personalized company party We take the organization out of your hands

Our hotel is a suitable location for organizing corporate parties or parties for large and small groups. It is possible to rent Lucky Strike Bowling, the stylishly decorated party room The Ritz, or the completely renovated Zuiderduinzaal.


Also for small groups In the restaurant, the brasserie or the pub

You are, of course, also welcome with a smaller group. You can combine bowling with a delicious dinner in our restaurant or rent (part of) our brasserie or pub. Ask our reception about our special group arrangements or contact the reservations department on +31 72 750 2000.

Your party in our hotel

What occasion are you celebrating on the coast?


Please contact us We like to help you

We like to deliver customized work. Are you interested in our possibilities? Would you like a quote, tour, or an appointment? Feel free to contact our sales department: or +31 72 750 2020.

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